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Ape To Gentleman

ZIRH on Ape To Gentleman


ZIRH in Golden Globes Gift Bags


ZIRH Starter Kit

" Every man needs a place to start with his skincare regimen, hence why the starter kit is the best gift to get the ball rolling. "

Nylon Guys

ZIRH Starter Kit

"Combing all the essentials into one affordable package, the premium grooming brand’s Starter Kit supplies men with everything needed for a start-to-finish facial cleanse."

Gentleman's Standard

ZIRH Shampoo - Thickening

"After a month of usage, overall, I was quite pleased with the results. My beard has always been moderately thick, but the growth is noticeably fuller."


ZIRH Shave

"Zirh men's skin care and grooming brand has a line - Ready, Set, Mo - geared to guys going through Movember growth."

Spa Week Blog

Shave Gel

"This thin, narrow, closely-clipped mustache outlines the upper lip. To see what you’re doing as you create the proper streamlined shape, use translucent Zirh Shave Gel."

Nylon Guys Mag


"Fresher looking skin shouldn’t be a constant struggle to obtain...A creation from our friends over at Zirh, the brand’s Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash is a simple one-step cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil."

The Grooming Dude

ZIRH Corduroy

"When I put Corduroy on, it makes me want to throw on my heaviest flannel shirt and go build a log cabin with my bare hands, yet it works just as well when I put on my suit and tie and go to the office."

Best Men's Skincare Blog

Best Men's Skincare Blog

"With the combination of the refreshing shampoo scent and silky smoothness of the conditioner, our hair felt amazingly clean and soft. "

Joe's Daily Blog

Joe's Daily

"ZIRH made a splash this year at the 2013 ESPY Awards where they were a favorite among the all-star athletes... "


Nylon Magazine

Warrior Collection

"If you’re in search of a luxurious shower experience, look no further than the gels that comprise Zirh’s Warrior Collection. "

Hudson MOD


"OK, men: Zirh Platinum Skin Care, the results-oriented men's skincare brand, has gone beyond its heralded shaving line..."


Body Bar

"Protect Ya Neck - Keep from frying your body parts with super sun blockers."

Hollywood Life

ZIRH Classic

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas ZIRH CLASSIC



"Restore a smooth texture post-sun with a facial conditioning serum."


PM Rescue

"These grooming tools will help you manage your mug-and smell a whole lot better."