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I purchased Zirh Restore for the dark circles under my eyes which aren't as noticeable now. The best part is how fast it takes away the puffy from my eyes. After just a few seconds, my eyes weren't as puffy. By the time I was ready to put on my eyeshadow they weren't puffy at all. Amazing, just like magic!!! Plus a little goes a long way so my tube will last a long time


After using Zirh International CORRECT for just one day, I knew it was making a difference for my face. How was I able to tell you probably just silently asked yourself. When I walked into work the next day after using CORRECT, a co-worker said, "@keithehlis, your face looks a lot less incorrect today!" That's right, my co-worker addressed me by my Twitter handle, yes, he's a close friend.


This product is so good. I feel the richness of it while using it. its is not harsh on skin, just the perfect gentle needed from a scrub. you wont regret on buying this. Also FYI, if you see the seal was broken or it is not packed properly when you received it, better return it, bcaz i got Zirh correct which has issues with & i felt so bad on buying it. but as fas as this scrub goes, its very good.


I've tried a lot of scrubs and this is by far the best. Not too rough on your face but definitely does the job! Feels great, smells great, and leaves you feeling great!!

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